Our Vision

Work for a future in terms Environmental Sustainability, Poverty eradication & Healthy Food for all. 

Our Objectives:

•Natural Resource Management by Sustainable integrated Agriculture & Forestry for food, Nutrition & livelihood security.
•To conduct research, training, at science society interface for sustainable agriculture, natural resource management for improving food & livelihood security of rural poor.
•To address environmental problems & conservation issues with special reference to lakes, wetlands & forests.
•To inculcate environmental awareness and impart basic environmental education among local inhabitants & stakeholders.
•To protect & conserve nature, biodiversity, water and food.
•To extend consultancy services for, environmental laws, patent rules and environment policy & planning etc.
•To impart training for encouraging environment stewardship through professional workshops & courses for local stakeholders
•To incorporate strategic environment communication framework through new media technologies including alternative media as means of facilitating sustainable environment development & change.
•To promote livelihood training programme & logistics support for self-help groups.
•To facilitate access to Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Energy, Clothing, Education & Healthcare.
•To facilitate Sustainable livelihoods through Skill Development & vocational training for Tourism, Handicrafts and other Social enterprises.
•Energy Conservation, promotion of usages of Clean, and New & Renewable energy.
•To combat climate change implications through adaptation, disaster mitigation, adaptive management, community preparedness & resilience.

About us

     YOU AND I FOUNDATION  is a registered non-profit civil Society organisation for sustainable development & environment conservation. It was formed on 2005 and registered in the year 2006, under West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961(Registration no. SO134356 of 2005-2006).  We envisage reciprocal partnership & participatory policy frame for commons to promote  environment conservation, agriculture development & wise use of natural resources.