A rare collection of hand-picked food grains from selected farms of  Bengal practicing Natural Integrated Farming under the ANKUR initiative to retain and regain Soil fertility, Biodiversity conservation, and Traditional Seed preservation techniques and maintaining Nutrition security.This initiative aims to minimize the harmful effects on our body caused from ourfood intake and lead to a healthy life. The model also helps the farmers by providing them reasonable market support price for sustainable agricultureproducts  and bring healthy food directly from the farm to the plate of consumers. For more details visit : www.purefarms.webs.com




Community Sensitization Program towards Environment Education through Films -DAYITTYA Film Festival & Forum

Responsible & Non Commercial film festival for community sensitization, education and participatory approach towards Environment related Issues in Smaller towns, Suburbs & Rural areas. First of Its kind in the state of West Bengal organized By You & I Foundation and supported By CMS Vatavaran , this unique festival addresses the theme of “Environment, Biodiversity, Agriculture & Livelihood” .The Objective of the festival is to build up awareness and sustainable approach towards nature in a responsible manner among the Society. The festival also thrives for a behavioural change among the stake holders of nature especially the youth to help them become responsible citizens of the future.






Community development program for Financial Literacy & security planning for a dignified life. As a Part of our livelihood & Financial security program we promote financial awareness within the community by actively engaging with all the stakeholders including the Government, Regulators, Institutes, and Financial Services Companies etc. We organize workshop for the targeted community like Management students, Employees of both Government  ,NGO’s & Private sector, CBO’s ,Business community & Chambers, Members of Associations & Unions , Clubs, Farmers Cooperative’s, RWA’s etc in association with an Asset Management Company as  a part of their CSR policy & Industry Experts as workshop trainers & Knowledge Partner. The program endeavors to ensure financial awareness among the participants so that they are able to make informed decisions about saving and investing their hard earned money thus leading to financial security & stability.


Women development & empowerment program through social enterprise for financial security & dignified life. As a Part of our livelihood program we ensure the contribution of the women community in their respective livelihood fields of organized sector be it Agriculture , Handicrafts , Home care etc is voiced, heard & certified as a contributor for economic development. We organize Workshops, Skill development programs for the targeted community and also help in building up the market linkage of their products. This program is supported by various Field & Industry Experts as workshop trainers & Knowledge Partner. The program endevours to ensure entrepreneurship skills among women so that they are able to contribute back to the community the economic benefits and lead to financial freedom.





Green & Healthy Schools program:

The Green & Healthy Schools program is a, self-paced and voluntary program available to all public and private elementary, middle and high schools. Schools across are demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable Earth, stronger communities and healthier, more productive learning environments for students by choosing to join the Green & Healthy Schools program. The program is designed to support and encourage schools in their quest for a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly learning environment. Green-Schools is holistic. It aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a school. This should include the students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and parents, as well as the Local Authority, the media, and local business. Green-Schools endeavors to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop responsible attitudes and commitment, both at home and in the wider community. 



Areas of Involvement

  • We encourage participatory planning with the marginal farmers following the principles of sustainable agriculture. We also encourage farmers for soil & water health management, indigenous seed conservation,  imparting indigenous farming knowledge, to promote farm enterprises, innovation in harvesting and storing techniques, low cost natural farming techniques to gain benefits, understanding micro-nutrient malnutrition, farming risk reduction, increasing farm based income etc.
  • Marketing & Promotion of Indigenous high nutritional foods.
  • Arranging youth leadership & skill development training programme for urban & rural youth, SHGs.
  • Arranging sustainable livelihood promotion for under privilege group of people, SHGs. 
  • Arranging survey of water bodies , wetlands and update the local authorities. 
  • Assisting rural & urban communities to conserve & regenerate common resource like ponds, lake & wetlands, roadside & riverbank areas.
  • Arranging Environment & Climate Change awareness programme in Educational Institutions.
  • Arranging Film Festival on environment & Ecology of international repute in various.
  • Organised National Environment Awareness Campaign Programme.
  • Facilitate ecotourism and Agro tourism to connect urban and rural communities for promotion of wellness, healthy living by adopting simple lifestyle & the habit of eating organic food thus creating livelihood opportunities for the small and marginal farmers.
  • Organizing community health surveys & check up camps 
  • Energy Conservation, promotion of usages of Clean, and New & Renewable energy.
  • Access to Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Energy, Clothing, Education & Healthcare.
  • Biodiversity & Environment conservation, Climate change mitigation and adaptability.
  • Natural Resource Management by Sustainable integrated Agriculture & Forestry for food, Nutrition & livelihood security.
  • Sustainable livelihoods through Skill Development & vocational training for Tourism, Handicrafts and other Social enterprises.
  • Promotion of high nutritional crops and indigenous foods Farming for the market and organic marketing development.
  • Preparing People Biodiversity Register. 
  • Arranging environment awareness programme in school & college.
  • Organised  National  Environment  Awareness Campaign Programme.
  • Organised  Flim Festival on environment & Ecology.
  • Arranging capacity building training programme for Community Base Organisation (CBO), youth club, development organisation.
  • Arranging Climate change awareness programme among students, NCC cadets, CBOs, NGO, SHGs, youth, public.
  • Arranging and supporting documentation of overall developmental issues, indigenous technologies & knowledge especially in the areas of food production &  processing, seed selection & storage, nutrition & health care, water harvesting & storage etc.